About our meetings

Welcome to
Frances Irwin Handweavers.

We are a guild of more than 40 active fiber enthusiasts who meet once a month
in Sussex County, New Jersey,
to explore weaving and fiber-related topics. 

Feel free to look around our site,
check out our work, and get in touch. 
We invite you to visit
one of our meetings and
experience the many benefits 
of a guild association today!

Frances Irwin Handweavers is a non profit 501(c)3 organization.

Find a copy of our by-laws here.

New Jersey Makers Day
March 10th

Why were computers invented, and what did the first computers actually do

Meet members of the Frances Irwin Handweavers Guild to find out. Under their direction, watch number sequences become intricate patterns in cloth. Guild representatives will bring multi-shaft looms and share how textiles and technology have gone hand in hand for centuries. Learn how weavers put the “A" in STEAM.

Don’t be a Luddite! See for yourself that a dobby attachment is not a house elf. Kids, parents, and grandparents are equally welcome.

Two locations to experience weaving:

Warren County Library - Catherine Dickson Hofman Branch
4 Lambert Rd., Blairstown, NJ 87825

Sussex County Main Library
125 Morris Turnpike, Newton, NJ 07860