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SEPT 12, 2016           History of Lace – Mary Roth-Davies
CONFERENCE RECAP: Reports from Convergence attendees. What did you take and make.     
Cuyler presents 2nd Annual Weaving Challenge due June 2017.

OCT 17, 2016            Redding Method Dye Workshop: Natalie Burger

The Program Committee has an exciting announcement for October! Our meeting date and place will be changed for the October meeting. We will meet at Hidden Pastures, in Branchville, NJ. Natalie Burger, owner of Hidden Pastures, is a certified Redding Method dye teacher, and she has generously agreed to host a Redding Method Dye Workshop at the farm for our guild. This workshop is free, and will be open to  FIH guild members only. The plan is for the weather to cooperate, and we will be able to dye outside.
The Redding Method was developed by Natalie Redding of Namaste Farms. You may have seen her show on YouTube or on TV. Our class will be the basic intro class, we will dye long wool locks. All materials will be provided, but please bring lunch.
The farm is located at: 35 Newton Avenue, Branchville, NJ. 07826. It is easily accessible from Routes 94, 15, and 206, and is about half hour north of where we meet in Green Township at the library. More detailed information and directions will be forthcoming.

NOV 14, 2016            Rigid Heddle Looms – Vicki Zelizo 
How to warp, etc., try out the loom.

DEC 13, 2016            HOLIDAY LUNCHEON: at Stroudsmoor in Stroudsburg, PA  TUESDAY   Coordinator: Pat Sole

JAN 9, 2017               Deen Looms: Innovation or Oddity – Sally Orgren     Power Point presentation. 45 minutes
The presentation encompasses the story of the inventor and his unusual all-steel floor looms. This photo essay starts in the late 1800’s, includes Deen family history, early advertising literature, traces the fortunes of the company, and concludes with visits to a variety of current Deen loom owners to see how these looms actually work. This presentation represents six years of multi-state research and was presented at the Weaving History Conference in Spring of 2014. The project was inspired by the Deen loom that was donated to the Millbrook Village Society by well-known weaver Ellen Hess, and currently resides in storage on the site.

FEB 14, 2017   TUESDAY!          MAFA project. 4” x 4” mug mats for MAFA on Rigid heddle 3-D printed looms (by Dave Irmiter),
OR bring your own. We will attached printed tags with FIH info. More details to come.

Please note: The February meeting will be at a different location and not on our regular Monday meeting day!

The Smithfield Branch of the Eastern Monroe County Library, 507 Seven Bridge Road, East Stroudsburg, PA.  February 14th from 10 AM until 3 PM. 

This library is about 3 miles from the first exit (# 309 Marshalls Creek)  in PA (traveling west from NJ) which is about 14 miles from Blairstown according to MapQuest.

MAR 13,2017   Boost Your Skills Part 4:   3-4 (4 max) Stations around the room to address tips & tricks                                                        
Things that have NOT been covered in Part 1,2,3.
Very informal. Will also have a how to DVD on hand if necessary. 
Requested skills from survey taken:
-      Many ways to use your warping board
-      Favorite Weaving Tools
-      Proper way to wind a rag shuttle.
-      How to tie on another warp.
-      Floating selvedges AND How to keep your selvedges even and not draw in

APRIL 10, 2017 There are no stupid questions. Answers on anything related to weaving.
We will break up into groups for discussion. Everyone in the group to participate in some way. This might in-clude bringing
yarn that you need or figure out how to use it. More details next month.

MAY 8, 2017 10am - 12pm Lecture Dena Moses from the Vermont School of Weaving Chenille is the ultimate luxury fiber! It has a beautiful sheen and a luxurious softness and drape. It shows off color beautifully. And…the rumors are all wrong! It can be easy to work with if you just know a few small tricks. $10 fee for guests.

Note! This meeting is not at our regular location! The Tamaracks Country Villa Bed and Breakfast, 85 Tamarack Rd., Byram Township, NJ.

Dena Moses from the Vermont School of Weaving
In this class, we will learn everything you need to know to weave great chenille scarves.  We will discuss chenille properties, sett and beat, what makes it great to work with, what makes it challenging and how to overcome those challenges.  We will talk about color designing, use of novelty yarns and finishing techniques.  We will choose from a vast array of colors, set up our looms and weave one or two chenille scarves.  Students with more experience may choose to add embellishments such as ribbon or sparkles.

JUNE 12 , 2017  Lizhnyk- Traditional Woven Blanket of the Ukrainian Carpathians

                        Results of Cuyler’s 2nd annual weaving Challenge “SKY”